Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine course

28 March 2019I am a firm believer that the Gardasil 9 vaccine should be given to boys and girls to help protect against the main HPV virus types that cause cervical cancer, genital warts, oral cancers, anal cancers and penile cancers.


  • 99% cervix cancers are the result of HPV infections
  • HPV is the leading cause of oral cancers (throat, tongue, tonsil, lip) in men and women. Men are 4 times more at risk
  • 90% anal cancers are linked to HPV infection
  • 60% penile cancers are caused by HPV infection
  • HPV is passed on exclusively through vaginal, oral and anal sex

“Although the NHS funds the simpler version of the vaccine for school girls aged 12-18 years only and covers 4 HPV sub types, the newer version of the vaccine covers 9 subtypes and is therefore more effective.”

— Sara J Matthews

The NHS are hoping to vaccinate school boys in the next couple of years too, but at the moment there is no vaccination programme for boys, or for older girls and women who missed the vaccine at school. Although the vaccine is most effective for those who have never been sexually active, it is still beneficial at any age for any sexually active person. It will not treat existing HPV infection, but it may prevent re-infection in the future, and so has benefits for any single lady (or man).

We have offered the vaccine at Gynaecology Matters for some time, but at £600 for the 3 injections over 6 months, the uptake has been poor as you can imagine! Thankfully we have been able to get a supply of the new Gardasil 9 injection at a reduced price so I am delighted to offer the course to anyone who wants it for £450.

We would be very happy to treat any boys under 18, teenage girls, or sexually active ladies of any age!

Contact the office to arrange a course with one of our nurses.