Gynaecology consultant

What could be more important than looking after your gynaecological health ladies! Yet it is a sad fact that in the UK, women are served very poorly in terms of gynaecological care.

In many other countries women see a gynaecologist annually for a check, whereas here women only get that chance in the NHS once they already have a problem.

I am a keen advocate of disease prevention, and screening for cervical cancer, infections, endometriosis, fibroids, premature menopause, breast lumps and osteoporosis may all included in routine consultations as appropriate.

As a gynaecological endocrinologist and qualified ultrasound scanner, I also test hormone levels (including ovarian reserve tests), cancer marker tests, and perform my own ultrasound scans as required. We provide very much a one stop shop where scans are part of the clinical examination, and blood tests are taken on site.

Mammograms are performed in conjunction with the breast unit at the nearby Princess Grace Hospital, where MRI scans or bone scans may also be arranged if required.

A specific problem is usually diagnosed and options provided for treatment within 24 hours.

Emergency appointments are usually available on clinic days for emergency contraception and early pregnancy problems. Regular patients obviously take priority, but if for some reason we cannot help you, then we will find someone equally good who can.

Sometimes a problem turns out not to be gynaecological. Then we can help you find an expert in another specialty.