Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates

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Uncertain times lie ahead in the next 6 months with Covid-19. The government is not likely to stop routine medical treatments if further local lockdown measures are imposed, but social distancing, wearing a mask, hand washing and reducing social interaction will be in place for a while.

I want to reassure you all that any suspected gynaecological or early pregnancy medical emergencies within office hours will still be dealt with swiftly by us at the Portland Hospital. Appropriate PPE is provided for patients and staff.

Video or telephone appointments can be arranged to discuss any routine gynaecological issues, including fertility, contraception, menopause and egg freezing. All the medical insurance companies are happy to cover the costs of relevant referrals during the crisis according to the conditions of personal policies.

Blood tests for routine issues can now be arranged at our clinic or the laboratory as normal, and all screening tests including mammograms, bone scans, pelvic scans, MRI are back to normal. We have no waiting lists so appointments for these can be arranged at short notice. Gynaecological surgery schedules are also back to normal.

Initial discussions and review appointments are still arranged remotely for the most part, but we anticipate getting back to our normal practice very soon. Face to face appointments are still reserved for procedures only after appropriate remote triage, and appropriate PPE and cleaning protocols in place between patients to minimise the risk for everyone.

Costs for remote consultations:

New Consultation
30 minutes with pre-consultation online questionnaire
Follow up consultation
15 minutes
Quick review consultation
10 minutes
Prescription renewal£20

Office procedures with PPE:

Ultrasound scan£220
Smear test£132
Smear test with infection screen£231
Coil insertion£385

Other procedure costs available on request.

If you live abroad or cannot travel into London we are happy for you to arrange relevant investigations locally if you can.

Fertility treatments

All fertility treatments are back to normal now with no wait for those wishing to start IVF.

Our priority always is to look after your health as best we can and adapt our working practices to ensure ALL conditions and appropriate screening are taken care of at this difficult time.