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Call020 7390 8468
AddressSara J. Matthews Clinic,
The Portland Hospital Consulting Suites,
3rd Floor,
212-214 Great Portland St.,
London W1W 5QN


New Consultation
1 hour
Telephone consultation£220
Review Consultation
30 min
Ultrasound scan£275
Smear (PAP) test with HPV screen£147
Vaginal infection screen£170
Comprehensive infection screen£310
Basic ovary hormone blood test£157
New Patient Menopause blood test's£1,008
IUCD insertion package£420
(plus consult and cost of coil)
HPV Vaccine course
3 doses over 6 months – Gardasil 9
Egg freeze cycle including 1 year storage
(Subsequent annual storage fee £375)
plus drugs £1500-£2500
Standard IVF cycle
with standard blood tests, embryoscope, extended culture, elective freeze (2 yrs), 2 scans in embryo replacement cycle and 1 embryo transfer
plus drugs £1800-£2800

Other tests and treatment costs available on request.

Please note that prices are subject to change.

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