Sexual issues

If sex is painful, if your libido is low, if you aren’t confident about the way things look down there, if you just clam up every time, if you can’t have orgasms, or have been affected by previous sexual assault or rape then please come and see us.

Sometimes there are physical or hormonal issues, or an infection, especially if the problem is a new one. Personalised hormone replacement is available, usually for older women, or very slim women with no periods.

Sometimes reassurance and some psychological and physical exercises can help.

Sometimes, with a close professional team, and lots of support, we need to help you get over any traumas.

Occasionally surgery, either for medical or aesthetic reasons might be the answer, and now there are other non hormonal treatments to help with the appearance of the vagina, and to improve sexual sensation, orgasms and libido, like radio frequency vaginal treatment, or the ‘o’ (orgasm!) shot that we can offer.