Aesthetic procedures for menopause

As we get older, and as a result of childbirth, things do change in appearance down below. The majority of women are not too bothered by it but for some women, especially those who find themselves single again later in life, it can affect confidence and compound menopausal feelings surrounding loss of libido and reduced sexual satisfaction in general.

Physical symptoms can include discomfort riding a bicycle or when horse riding because the fat has been lost in the labia majora that protect the entrance to the vagina, or a pulling sensation when the labia minora have been stretched and protrude beyond the outer labia, especially when wearing tight jeans.

There is a growing demand for both surgical and non surgical gynaecological aesthetic solutions to improve the look of the vulva and vagina, and to increase sensation during sex. We offer the following treatments:

Surgical procedures

  • Labioplasty
    An operation to trim the inner labia and correct sagging of the outer labia.
  • Vaginoplasty
    An operation to tighten the vagina. This can be particularly useful when there is some prolapse or when there is a problem with leaking urine.

Non surgical procedures

  • Radiofrequency treatment
    This helps to regenerate the collagen of the vagina and vulva. Three treatments a month apart are recommended. Each treatment is performed in the office and lasts 20-45 minutes. An annual top up treatment is recommended for maintenance. No anaesthetic is required and there is no particular after care. This is essentially a risk free procedure that usually has an immediate effect that then continues to improve and is maximal after 6 months (the skin takes time to regenerate). Benefits can include a significant improvement in vaginal dryness, a feeling of being tighter, improved sensation with quicker and stronger orgasms, a plumping effect for the outer labia, and an improvement in urinary symptoms such as leakage with exercise or coughing, and needing to pee less often.
  • PRP injections
    Platelet rich plasma is prepared using your own blood. The concentrated solution that includes growth factors and stem cells is then injected under the skin to regenerate the collagen. It has many practical applications in medicine from treating arthritis to helping hair regrowth for balding. Adverse reactions are rare as the active components are made by your own body.

    The “O” shot, and the “G” shot are performed easily in the clinic. These injections into the front wall of the vagina stimulate the growth or new blood vessels, and new collagen formation. The result is an improvement in sexual response, and the “O” shot can also be very good for bladder problems. The solution can also be used to plump the outer labia and stimulate the clitoris.
  • Vulval fillers
    Flattened labia can be plumped using specially designed fillers, similar to those used on the face.
  • Non surgical labial reduction
    There are a few treatment systems using radio frequency that claim to reduce the size of inner labia that have been stretched or are uneven, without the need for surgery. We will be watching this technology closely and hope to have an effective machine in the clinic soon.

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